Four Seasons Properties

Four Seasons Properties is a full-service, boutique real estate brokerage representing clients in the Bay Area, San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. We're dedicated to providing each client with exceptional service, unsurpassed market knowledge and an innovative marketing and sales approach designed to deliver results that exceed our client’s expectations. Our common goal is to deliver a positive and rewarding experience from initial contact through closing for every Four Seasons Properties client.

We founded Four Seasons Properties in 2008 during the worst downturn in real estate since the Great Depression. Our founders realized many practicing real estate professionals lacked market knowledge, marketing savvy and negotiating experience to withstand the new market dynamics caused this housing downturn. No longer could an agent put out a sign in the yard and expect lines of potential buyers all rushing to make offers on a home. This “new” real estate market required heavy upfront market research, analysis, breakthrough marketing strategies, heavy investments in technology and tools and trained real estate agents that were able to succeed in a much more difficult environment. We boldly set out to attract a truly special group of agents that would both embrace the power of technology while maintaining the warmth and genuineness of real personal relationships and connections. Our agents are passionate about real estate and make your real estate experience a positive one. 

The Four Seasons’ Difference

Four Seasons Properties is dedicated to becoming one of the premier real estate brokerage firms in California through approaching the real estate transaction and our clients from an innovative and unique perspective.  We combine our network of resources, our honest and data driven approach and our shared responsibility to better serve each client’s needs to deliver exceptional results that produce deep, long-term client relationships.
Real estate is a business built on data and information.  Homes on the market are choices between options that are available for buyers at a given point of time and our goal is to help stimulate demand and give your property the best chance to be discovered and desired by potential buyers when you are ready to market it.
We strive to incorporate both accurate and timely data into our recommendations to our clients and to share this information in a manner that helps our clients feel comfortable about their decisions – whether they are buying a home or selling one.  We strive to set realistic expectations for our clients both in terms of timing and likely results.   We promise to provide with you on honest assessment of your property and its value and to not just tell you what you want to hear.  The market will tell us a lot about values and what is driving them and our goal is help you understand what the market is telling us.  We listen and we interact in our local markets and we connect the dots to help us derive the best strategy to get our clients what they are seeking.
The unrivaled marketing and transaction support provided to our agents allow them to focus 100% on providing extraordinary service to our clients. 

The Four Seasons’ Advantage

As a privately owned, boutique real estate brokerage, we have the ability to make the investments in our firm to deliver great value to our clients.  We do this through leveraging the combined experience of our agents, specialized local market knowledge, an innovative marketing approach, technology resources and our strong negotiation skills

Agent Experience

Experience by definition is to acquire knowledge and/or skill of some thing through involvement or exposure.  It is through experience that we define our ability to exceptionally serve in the present.  The sale and purchase of a home is one of the most important transactions you will embark on and each client will go through their own range of emotions whether you are going through your first real estate transaction or have completed many.  Without the experience and confidence of an experienced professional, you expose yourself to unneeded stress and frustration and potentially a transaction that does not meet your expectations. 
Today’s real estate market is full of many twists and turns that may appear during a transaction.  The ability for our agents to provide the highest level of service from start to finish is a direct result of their experience in anticipating and handling issues that may arise and knowing how to manage the transaction to successful completion.  We believe in fostering a diverse agent environment in effort to bring a broad and varying skill base to our team.  In doing so, we believe we can overcome each challenge as it comes and help provide the right information and support for our clients.

Local Market Knowledge

In order to remain competitive in today’s real estate market, having real time access to information, trends and reports is critical.  Four Seasons Properties has access to a wide range of property and market information and the technology and resources to analyze and present this information to our clients in a way that they can understand and use.   Our agents understand how to utilize data to help us determine optimal pricing, make offers and succeed in negotiations for our clients.

Innovative Marketing

We pride ourselves in being innovative and effective marketers. Four Seasons Properties customizes marketing plans for buyers and sellers in order to achieve the most optimal and timely results.    When a client entrusts us to sell their home, we seek to understand what makes the property special and how best to position it to buyers.  We focus on the benefits of your neighborhood and how to best communicate the essence of what living in your home might be like for the potential buyer.
By taking the time to understand these key elements of your home, we can craft a personalized marketing approach that best supports your goals for the transaction.  We maintain a dedicated marketing team who work closely with our individual agents on each home transaction to determine the best marketing approach on a case-by-case basis.
According to the National Association of Realtors (“NAR”), 80% of today’s home buyers find their next home online.  As such, Four Seasons Properties has developed a highly targeted and effective multi-faceted digital media marketing campaign that understand where online home buyers are searching and ensures that our client’s properties get quality and high profile exposure to these buyers.
A Four Seasons Properties marketing plan may consist of some of the following elements.
  • High-end professional photography of listings that showcase your home’s most compelling features
  • Print and social media targeted to local buyers
  • Virtual tours and YouTube videos
  • Syndication to, and and 100’s of other highly trafficked websites
  • Single property website listings
  • Property features on the home page of our highly trafficked website
  • Catered broker and open houses
  • Calls and letters to key local agents within a market
  • Marketing to our own large database of prospective buyers
  • High impact Four Seasons Properties sign at your property

Technology Resources

Four Seasons Properties has invested in technology and productivity tools to help us successfully deliver for our clients.  Our website and productivity and marketing tools feature leading technologies that work seamlessly together to support each transaction and client.  We have designed our technology platform to be scalable and flexible and to provide maximum support for our agents.  As such, our agents remain ahead of the curve with their real time ability to draw upon research and information and virtually market their client’s homes 24/7. 

Negotiation Skills

Real estate transactions are represented by agents that are each working to maximize the benefit for their clients.  Experienced and tested negotiations skills are a key factor in successful transactions.  Knowing what to push for and how hard to push is based on experience and skill and Four Seasons Properties agent have proven their mettle through their past experience.  We have seen both the benefits and pitfalls of agents that do not excel in negotiations and holding together transactions, which almost always will have rocky points on the path to close.  We believe we offer a real advantage to our clients when we negotiate on your behalf.

The Four Seasons’ Experience

Selling your home is more than prospecting for a buyer and closing a deal.  There are many steps in the process to ensure a smooth transaction and keeping everyone on the same page is highly important.Keeping our clients fully informed is a core business practice of Four Seasons Properties.  From the moment you list your home with us, we provide you with a detailed copy of your listing online including our initial prospect match assessment.   This captures how many initial leads were matched for your home, the number of emails sent out to market your home and the number of views your home has received.
Each property listing will have a minimum of 25 professional, high quality images posted online and detailed descriptions written by talented copyrighters who know how to get the key features of your home across to both agents and potential buyers.  In addition, your property will be showcased with a high quality, professional virtual tour and YouTube video.  
To ensure the highest level of visibility for your home, we also syndicate our listings to all the major real estate and broker sites including:,, and many more, and we pay to promote them there as well which ensures your home shows higher in the results than the competition.   More and more homebuyers are turning to social media when looking to purchase a home.  We will actively promote your home on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs and will feature it on the highly visited Four Seasons Properties website.
In parallel to a digital presence, our team will immediately begin coordinating open houses, and most importantly the broker’s open house.   At the broker’s open house, we showcase your home to an average of 100 agents at the Realtor Pitch Session, most of which have active buyers in the market.  Four Seasons is known in the industry for the level of detail and sophistication put forth in their broker’s open house.  As such, we have a great level of attendance and resulting in a high open house to close ratio.
Another approach of our deeply customized marketing campaigns is at the property level through the use of signage.  Four Seasons Properties installs our high impact signature home signs to garner attention from potential home buyers.  Through this signage, potential buyers have access to additional property specifics including pictures, details, maps, virtual tours and pricing all sent to their smart phone via text request.  

Experience and Track Record

Four Seasons Properties has agents in the top 10 percent of all agents in the San Diego County.  We look forward to maintaining this position in the years to come and breaking into the top tier of brokerages in Orange County, Los Angeles and the Bay Area.