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Jessica Wilkinson

Jessica grew up in Dallas with southern hospitality, where your handshake was your word and your word was your commitment. She takes that to heart, and continues to honor her practice with intention in San Diego real estate and interior design.
Just after graduating high school, Jessica took the oath and served our country in the United States Marine Corps for six years. After an honorable discharge, she’s served over 10 years in San Diego county trial courts as an Official Court Reporter, giving focus and attention to detail in the forefront of her livelihood.
Her love of architecture, real estate and design had given her a passion that she now enjoys sharing with others in the field. After completing several remodels and designing homes on her own accord, she now shares her skills and experience with all of her clients. Whether they are first-time homeowners, veterans needing housing for a short time, all the way to complete overhauls for investors, Jessica knows how to manage the entire process from start to finish, ensuring maximum investments with impeccable attention to detail. While functionality of a space is her primary focus, attention is given to every aspect of a home build and sales feasibility.
Her training in leadership, operations and accountability roles lend her to a driven and meticulous practice in Real Estate. Jessica encourages her clients to see potential and viability in spaces when most can’t look past the paint colors, lending opportunities for beautiful homes in this tight market. Homeowners and investors alike can rely on Jessica throughout the entire process of house hunting, renovation, design and sales for best returns on investments or for a forever home that was too difficult to navigate on their own.

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