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Lewis Jepson

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Lewis Jepson

Lewis represents our Bay Area office and specializes in remodeling and investor transactions. Lewis combines a keen design and development flair with over 25 years of real estate and mortgage industry leadership and sales experience. He has deep local real estate market knowledge through the successful execution of hundreds of successful transactions in this region.

Prior to joining Four Seasons Properties, Lewis was a national sales executive at MOS Group, Inc. where he worked with mortgage servicing default executives to develop and deliver loss mitigation solutions through the MOS Group platform. Lewis held previous positions as Vice President at Lehman Brothers within their Aurora Loan Services division.

Since 2002, Lewis has also been a Principal and Broker of Record for Iron Oak Home Loans, Inc. a leading California based lender and servicer that manages a loan portfolio in excess of $25M.

Lewis is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and holds an NMLS broker designation both nationally and in the state of California.

BRE: 1133688

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